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Powder coating

Powder coating is a painting process based on thermo-hardening polyester. It is composed of a pre-treatment cycle, by immersion, the main purposes of which are to prepare the profiles for painting, to protect them from corrosion and to maximize the paint adherence.

Pre-treatment stands on the following procedures:

Later, the aluminium profiles shall enter the painting units in which the dust particles, loaded with static, shall evenly adhere to the surface of the profiles. After having been taken to the polymerization oven, the temperature shall favour the creation of a homogenous layer of lacquering on the profiles.

Final Product Control:

The whole process is developed in accordance with the quality norm QUALICOAT.

Thus, the pre-treatment baths and the polymerization temperature are controlled, the thickness of the lacquering layer and its adherence are checked, as well as the colour, by comparison and brightness (Norms NP EN ISO).

An appropriately equipped support laboratory assures the performance of chemical and physical tests.

Sosoares lacquering is a unit which holds the QUALICOAT European quality certificate.

Quality Certificate

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